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Rugby activities and development programmes

Our RugbyBugs activities and development rugby programmes are specifically aimed towards young children aged between 2½ to 7 years.

And as such, our activity programmes have been created under the guidance of professional rugby players, specialist doctors, physiotherapists and educators. Our rugby activities and development programmes have been designed age appropriately and based on a skill theme development to teach children from (2½-3½) – (3½ – 5) – (5-7) the fundamentals of rugby in a fun and safe environment. Children are introduced to the values of rugby through a combination of fun games, skill based activities and challenges. Our objectives are to teach the basics of catching, passing, evasive running and kicking to reach utilisation, application and a deeper understanding of the game. Children are given encouragement and support to develop whilst being together and building foundations of teamwork.

Our RugbyBugs activity and development program is unique it our approach to not only children’s rugby skill development but general movements transferable to other sports. We aim to develop their ability to understand their bodies, how they move and then how they can use the different ways that they move. These are specifically targeted movements to enhance a child’s development to then enhance their rugby skills and any other sport they may participate further on in life.

We encourage participation from boys and girls and we welcome children of all abilities. Our programmes are designed for children to learn, develop at their own pace and most importantly have a positive and enjoyable experience.

Future Stars
Although we can’t guarantee that every RugbyBug will end up playing in the premiership, we can certainly promise that they will have an enjoyable and fun time. RugbyBugs gives children an opportunity to improve their skills to best maximise their potential as a person and a rugby player.

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