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RugbyBugs Classes questions you may have

Its great that you might be looking at enrolling your child on to one or more of our children’s rugby activity program classes, and its of course only natural that before doing so, you may have one or two questions. So with this in mind we have detailed below some of the most common questions we’re asked, but if you have any questions not covered please do not delay in contacting us

How do I pay for RugbyBugs?

RugbyBugs operate a strict online payment policy. This is designed to streamline the process so your booking experience is straight forward & efficient. RugbyBugs operates a secure online payment system that meets current legislation.

How is the payment worked out?

Each area may differ slightly in cost depending on hall hire costs. Upon booking your first term online the cost will be calculated including a one off charge, which covers the RugbyBugs membership. Your membership includes your child bespoke rugby kit (t-shirt, shorts and socks) and exclusive membership to our parents area. (We would recommend not wearing the kit for the first session and then if they do not enjoy it, we will be able to refund the cost of the kit as well as the term fees).

What is the “Surcharge”?

RugbyBugs operate an online booking system linked to our back end database to ensure that all bookings go through efficiently to the relevant area of the RugbyBugs group. As a consequence RugbyBugs Ltd has to pay a significant percentage of every transaction that goes through the system. We show the charge separately so that our customers are aware of this as we do not wish to hide this charge in other fees

Paying upfront is a big commitment to make, what happens if we don’t like RugbyBugs?

We understand that registering the first time for a term in advance and paying for membership is a commitment. Therefore if after your first two sessions you decided RugbyBugs is not for you, we will offer a full refund, including the classes you have attended. The refund will extend to the kit, providing it has not been worn and is in the original packaging

My child is fairly small for their age, is RugbyBugs suitable for my child?

There is no physical contact (i.e. tackling) in RugbyBugs classes. It is a play session based on key motor skills such as passing, kicking, catching, and running agility, awareness of space and balance; So yes RugbyBugs is not only suitable for your child, but designed for your child.

Where are the classes held?

The classes are normally held in a variety of venues such as church halls, scout huts, leisure centres and in local parks.

How do I find my nearest class?

In the first instance check our website, under find a class classes. If you cannot see a class nearby then please call head office on 0845 863 0684 to see what is coming soon in your area.

Are the sessions fully insured?

All RugbyBugs sessions carry child’s personal accident and public liability insurance.

Are your coaches trained?

All our coaches have been through detailed in-house training; CRB checked, Paediatric first aid trained and have been reference checked by RugbyBugs head office.

What does the class involve?

The class is a structured play programme, which involves a warm up, multiple skills and physical exercise and relaxation time. Our activities encourage other areas of learning such as colours, numbers, visuals and critical thinking.  We use midi size rugby balls for this class. Children get accustomed to the weight and feel of a proper ball. All our classes also include lots of fun!

How long does each session last?

For our 2½  – 3½ year olds, the session lasts 45 minutes.

For our 3½ – 5 year olds and 5-7 year olds the sessions lasts for the duration of 1hr and parent participation is encouraged. This also supports the recommendation by the Department of Health’s ‘that all children and young people should engage in moderate to vigorous intensity physical for at least 60 minutes every day’.

Do I need to bring anything along?

We advise you bring refreshments for your child, especially water to drink for during and after the session (We incorporate time for water breaks throughout the class).

What should they wear?

We advise that children wear the clothes and footwear they feel most comfortable and confident in (normally a T-Shirt, shorts and trainers). You will receive your RugbyBugs kit during your first few weeks and hopefully your child will be really excited by receiving this in the post and getting to wear their RugbyBugs kit.

Can parents participate?

Parent participation is encouraged for the younger age groups, and parents can participate for the older ones if they wish however this is normally not necessary.

How many children do you have in a class?

One lead coach is permitted to take 15 children in one class, however normally a lead coach would have a helper. For classes of 15 children or more there will be two coaches.

How serious is the coaching element?

The most important factor at RugbyBugs is that children have fun and enjoy their class. We do teach basic skills and techniques but in a fun and interesting way. We encourage independence and confidence, which allows your child to learn at their own pace.

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