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Due Dilligence


  • 2013 RugbyBugs joined The Bugs Group which also includes YogaBugs and FootieBugs
  • The Bugs Groups now operates in China, Singapore and Australia
  • RugbyBugs is now in partnership with ‘The Wooden Spoon‘ charity
  • YogaBugs Appeared in the Top 25 franchises in UK, from 6 trained teachers – 1200 within three years
  • We have sponsored The Wooden Spoon‘s kit that will be worn by the most successful charity 7’s team in the world.
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To create a unique Rugby programme that will reach as many children as possible. Designed to impact and make a real difference in their lives by stretching their imagination and developing their emotional and physical well-being.
  • Appeared in the Top 25 franchises in UK
  • As part of The Bugs Group, featured in over 500 magazine and newspapers
  • Article released in the business pages
  • RugbyBugs is featured on the ‘Wooden Spoon’ Website and included in all quarterly newsletters
  • We continually run successful competitions through the press
  • Each Franchise releases local press articles monthly.
Not only do we want all of our children to love, enjoy and learn from RugbyBugs we also challenge ourselves to encourage a minimum of 10,000 children to continue with Rugby and join their local grass club over the next three years. With your help we want to ignite, educate and empower parents to take an active role within these clubs by referring , volunteering , coaching and supporting their local club.
RugbyBugs offers a fun and challenging rugby programme for children aged two to seven, inspiring a lifelong passion for the game and its values. Here are the principles of how we live these every day:

  • Our little bugs
    Our little RugbyBugs are at the heart of everything we do. Their well-being, safety and enjoyment are the foundation upon which RugbyBugs is built. We treat them with the respect they deserve.
  • Our franchisees
    Our franchisees are committed individuals who benefit from a strong support infrastructure to empower them to maximise income in a fulfilling role. Our franchisees are passionate about the future of children’s health and developing children’s potential.
  • Our families
    Our programme focuses on the importance of bringing the bug home. To achieve this we support, encourage and provide families with easy, fun and exciting activities and ideas that will enable everyone to take an active role in their child’s development.
  • Our partners
    We pride ourselves on working with people who share our ethos. Our partners know their work is more than just a job, but embraces a passion to champion diversity. Together we can empower children to have fun.
  • Our community
    Every franchisee plays a key part in our community. We are dedicated to being positive role models and work with local schools and nurseries.  We want to bring together our partners, customers, and the community to contribute to the well-being of our children.
We provide you with a whole package with no hidden costs, our franchise is an all-inclusive deal.
From us organising and supplying you will your insurance to your first marketing poster. If you want the stress taken out of setting up and organising a business into a successful one then this all-inclusive package is definitely the way to go. With our all-inclusive franchise package, you don’t have to worry about a thing, not only do we take you through the entire process step by step, but we also guide and support you in setting up and continue to help your business grow.
Connect with RugbyBugs and ‘The Bugs Group‘: see what people are saying about RugbyBugs
RugbyBugs has attracted documented leadership across many industries to support the growth of the company and is proud to be a part of The Bugs Group.
Mark Goode- CEO

Claire Mannion – General Manager

Amy Burge – Social Media Leader

Rachel Gibson – Sales Manager

Corey Lopez-Willis – Digital Marketing Designer

The RugbyBugs process is easy and straight forward and delivers all the tools that are needed to meet your needs and enables you to invest, not only in a successful business, but also in yourself.

  • Send Us An Enquiry- Complete the on line enquiry form or contacts us on 0845 863 0684
  • RugbyBugs Gets In Touch- Once you’ve enquired, we’ll call you back promptly and open up lines of communication;
  • Franchise Information- we send you our in depth franchise prospectus and a full application form;
  • We Meet- if your application fits our requirements then we schedule a meeting with yourself and the very friendly management team;
  • Application Approval- This is the bit where we do our homework and go through your application in detail. If successful and you wish to pursue this franchise opportunity, we can then work with you and support you in the whole process. Once finances have been approved and contracts signed, you are awarded your Franchisee.

Mark Goode – CEO

Born in Birmingham, England, Mark Goode is the Chairman and Chief Executive of The Bugs Group, which is one of the fastest growing children’s activities based companies both here in the UK as well as gaining an International presence.

RugbyBugs is part of The Bugs Group.

  • Training- 4 day intensive training, which includes teaching and business training.
  • Manuals- you are provide with excellent in depth manuals for your teaching and for all your operational needs.
  • Marketing- Advertising, PR and promotion support.
  • Keeping Connected- Email address, 0845 number, facebook page and twitter account.
  • Management- A CRM system, database to assist the day to day administration of your business.
  • Booking Classes- Online booking system- easy management of your income and budgeting.
  • Start up Pack- an excellent marketing pack so you can begin promote from day one.
  • Looking the part- You are provided with a branded uniform to ensure that you look professional and that all parties can easily identify you. Great for advertising during shopping trips too.
  • Keep in touch- we help you set up your twitter, facebook and webpage that is all linked and supported by head office.

Catch the Bug

  • Through play and using their imagination children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.
  • Through play, children learn a set of skills: social skills, creativity, hand-eye coordination, problem solving and imagination.
  • The physical benefits that children receive from attending a RugbyBugs classes is astonishing from improving balance, co-ordination, flexibility, improved posture etc.
  • Please click here for a more detailed description of just how beneficial RugbyBugs classes are.

All inclusive package

  • Everything you need the start your business the right way
  • High quality training from real experts
  • Constant support and guidance when you need it
  • Part of a successful franchising group
  • Be part of a network that works together
  • Make a real difference to children’s outlook and health
  • Put something back into an amazing game
  • RugbyBugs is not only a safe investment but also a very enjoyable way to work.

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